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Drug Trends

September 29th, 2013 8:47 pm

Annual surveys of drug use and abuse among adolescents show both encouraging and discouraging trends. Cigarette smoking is at its lowest level ever recorded, although the use of smokeless tobacco is increasing among youth. Alcohol use has declined since 2004. Use of amphetamine and cocaine is dropping.

Nonmedical use of prescription painkillers in increasing among young people. Nearly one in 10 high school seniors reports use of Vicodin and one in 20 uses OxyContin. A majority of students reports being given the drug by or buying it from a friend or relative.

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Ways to Keep Healthy

August 28th, 2013 10:41 pm

Your first step for maintaining good health is eating right and getting enough exercise. This is probably one of the theoretically least challenging aspects of staying healthy, but it is often difficult to put into action. Making healthy food choices on the daily basis and finding time to exercise is easier said than done. Busy lives often lead to choosing foods that are quick and easy, and often prepared ahead of time. Exercising when there is work to be done, kids to be cared for, and other chores to handle is often a tough thing to prioritize. If you want to stay healthy and happy, work hard to make healthy food choices and try to fit exercise into your schedule at least three to five times each week.

Another part of a healthy life is keeping your stress levels under control. Exercising will go a long way in controlling your stress, but you may need to do more. If you experience stress on the regular basis, it can have long-term effects on your health. Be sure you take time to relax and do not let stress build up over time.

A great way to prevent bad stress is to be surrounded with positive people. If there are friends and loved ones you can talk with, it will help you to release a lot of the bad feelings and anxiety you feel. Surrounding yourself with positive people will boost your own mood and help you cope with the daily events you face. It will also give you a place for support when things are especially tough. A positive attitude and strong support system helps you maintain good health.

A final method for staying healthy over the course of your lifetime is to practice prevention. Instead of waiting until you get sick and searching for a cure, do the things listed above to prevent ever facing illness. If your goal is to keep your body strong enough to resist sickness and disease, you can avoid a number of illnesses that would otherwise be a problem. Have a healthy attitude, get plenty of rest and fresh air, and follow the steps above to prevent minor illness and serious diseases. A long and healthy life will be your reward, and you will save time, money, and a great deal of pain by adopting a preventative attitude toward your health.

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