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Different Options For Braces

June 30th, 2015 9:15 pm

When it comes to addressing crooked or overcrowded teeth, most dentists recommend braces. Dental technology has quite improved in providing better solutions. People can now choose from metal to modern invisible options.

Your Options For Braces

Depending on your lifestyle choices, here are a couple of different options for braces:

Traditional Metal Braces

These are the old style metal type that most people are probably aware of. These days however are much smaller and flatter. Here, teeth and jaw are straightened with metal brackets that are made from quality stainless steel. Length of wear could be up to 2 years and would require regular check-ups during wear. Among the choices, metal type is still the most reliable and the cheapest.

Ceramic Braces

These white braces have similar style to the traditional option. Except that they are made of ceramic materials which are white, making these braces less visible. People can now hide their braces with this less obvious option. Because of the color however, this type needs more attention when it comes to oral hygiene and maintenance.

Lingual Braces

If you do not want people to know that you are wearing braces, orthodontists recommend lingual braces. Made of either ceramic or metal, this teeth correction device is custom-made and is fitted on the tongue side of the teeth. Because this type is harder to install, it requires higher cost. Expect additional discomfort inside your mouth or speech difficulty when wearing lingual braces. But the final outcome would be completely worth it.

Invisalign or Clear Braces

This type is an emerging choice for most people aiming to have straighter teeth. Invisalign offers flexibility and it is virtually invisible. The treatment involves clear plastic aligners which are replaced with a new set every 2 weeks. The pressure from the shape would move your teeth little by little. Over a specific period of time, you will notice improved alignment of your teeth. For minor correction, treatment can last as short as 6 months.

Wearing clear braces is a good solution to make oral care easier and more effective. Because it is removable, you can brush your teeth easily. Also, you can eat your favorite dishes without worrying about damaging your braces.

According to an orthodontist Brisbane locals turn to, more people are deciding to wear braces because they want to straighten out their smiles. If you are feeling conscious about taking measures to improve your smile, know that there are several less noticeable options to choose from.

Prevention Tips for Dry Penis Skin

June 30th, 2015 9:12 pm

As a matter of fact, for some men dry penis skin becomes more of a problem during these lazy, hazy days. The man who is interested in good penis care needs to take appropriate steps to meet this dermatological challenge.

Why dry skin in the summer?

On one level, it seems counterintuitive that dry penis skin should be a problem during the summer. After all, summer is the season when men are hitting the beach or the pool on a much more regular basis. Unless a guy spends all his time in a wading pool, his crotch is bound to absorb much more water than it does during those cold winter months when he just wants to stay inside and avoid all that frigid air, right? And water keeps the skin moisturized, which fights dry skin, right?

Well, yes and no. True, if a man spends a lot of time swimming, his penis does find itself soaking in water for several hours. But there’s kind of a “tipping point” where the skin’s moisture level is concerned. A person has a natural “balance” of moistness-to-dryness that the skin works hard to maintain. When it gets tipped too far in the direction of moist, it becomes saturated. Then when the person leaves the water, a drying process takes place. But because there is so much excess water now, the drying process works overtime, and as it dries the excess water, it also evaporates some of the oils that the skin – including the penis skin – needs.


There’s also the matter of other contents in the water. Those who spend time in seawater are adding significant salt to their penis skin, and that doesn’t sit well with the forces of hydration. Those who spend time in a pool are likewise adding chlorine into the mix, and this is also not the best thing for delicate penis skin.


Then there’s heat. People enjoy spending time outdoors during the summer, but the heat causes excess sweating. This is especially true of the groin, where a layer of pubic hair and (frequently) a double layer of clothing (trousers and underwear, or a swimsuit with a jock) make the area a sweat factory. Again, sweat is salty, and skin and salt are not best buds.

Drinking up

People need to drink more fluids during the summer to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, many guys choose to imbibe drinks with alcohol or caffeine in them – both of which dehydrate the skin, exacerbating any existing problems.

Is it any wonder that the penis skin can get so dry during the summer?

What to do

Guys wanting to avoid dry penis skin problems in the summer can do several things. They can drink plenty of water, for example, and avoid sodas and beer. It also helps to head for the locker room after getting out of the water to strip down, splash a little clean water on the penis and gently pat it dry with a soft towel.

Then a man needs to take one extra step to help combat dry penis skin in the summer. He needs to take a first-class penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) and apply it to his penis – and he needs to also do this as part of his regular daily routine. The best crmes are going to be loaded with natural hydrators, such as Shea butter (a high-end emollient that’s awesome for dry skin) and vitamin E (a natural moisturizing agent). Spreading this crme on the penis, summer or winter, can create a moisture shield to protect delicate penile skin. It is also helpful if the crme includes a potent antioxidant (alpha lipoic acid is a good choice) to help offset aging processes in penis cell metabolism, which can make a dry penis look wrinkled, crackly and aged. Using a worthy crme helps a guy enjoy the summer months to their fullest.

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